Moore Computer Services

Question 1 - What type of home computer should i buy?

It was not that many years ago that you could not buy a computer already assembled. You would go to a company and they would assemble a computer for you out of various components. This computer probably cost over $1000 and was nothing like the computers of today. Today that has all changed, it is rare that you find a custom built system that is new. Hobbist and gamers still build or modify their own, but the normal home user does not. The prices are a third of what they used to be and the speed and capacity are much greater.

I said all that to tell you not the brand of PC to buy but what I suggest for most users.

Most of the other specifications of a new system are just bells and whistles that are great to have and for some people necessary, but for most people that read email and surf the Internet, these type systems will do very well.