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Question 6 - Why should I backup my files? What is the best way to do so?

Any file placed on your computer is suceptable to loss. Computer files are saved to componets called hard drives. Until recently these were mechnical devices that would fail over time. Today's solidstate drives do not have mechnical actions, but still could fail due to numerous reasons. The actions you take to prevent such loss is dependant on your time and money.
There are several good online services today that make it easy to backup your files. Things that you will want to backup include photo's, we all have lots of those now with our phones and digital cameras. We also have music, documents, financial data, general records, scanned images and even games all need to be backed up.

Another popular method is to use external hard drives. They have a lower cost for backing up, but it is more difficult to do so. Another danger in local backup is to be sure to have more than one copy of the backup and keep each copy in different physical locations in case of fire or other disaster.